Ice Fiends Fortnite are the latest non-player characters to appear in-game, arriving after Saturday's massive ice storm. The week's challenges task players with destroying 250 of the frozen soldiers. Here's where to find Fortnite's Ice Fiends.

Ice Fiends Fortnite: Where to Find Ice Fiends to Complete the Challenge

Fortnite's Ice Fiends are likely the minions of the Ice King, the villain who ​sent all of Fortnite into a snowy winter. They function similarly to the zombies — err, ​Cube Monsters — ​from Fortnitemares.

Ice Fiends spawn from large ice chunks, just as Cube Monsters came from fragments of the Cube. These ice chunks can be found all over the Fortnite map. They aren't bounded to any particular region or location, meaning players will find them just about everywhere they go.

Ice Fiends are one of three enemies that spawn from ice chunks. The other two, the Ice Brutes and Ice Wraiths, are more dangerous. They also don't count toward the challenge. Players will want to focus on the smaller ice creatures without glowing eyes and arms. Those are the Ice Fiends, and the only enemies that will contribute to the challenge in question.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games