Kingdom Hearts 3 Cutscenes: Leaks Reach YouTube and Twitter

Kingdom Hearts 3 cutscenes have started appearing online in apparent leaks. The videos, available all over YouTube as of Monday, show cutscenes from​ across the game's story and reveal major plot points.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Cutscenes: Leaks Reach YouTube and Twitter

According to ​Gadgets360, international retailers have broken the agreed upon release date. Rather than wait until January 29 international release date, retailers have allowed players around the world to purchase and play the game early, leading to the current crop of leaks.

Gadgets360 bases its hypothesis on images of physical, retail copies of the game posted to its subreddit over the weekend.

Most of the leaks appear taken from the English version of the game, indicated by the American voice acting cast featuring prominently in the leaked cut scenes.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has fallen prey to leaks in the past, with portions of the game ​reaching the internet in December. At the time, the game's director Tetsuya Nomura asked fans not to circulate the leaks.

Since then, Square Enix announced that the true ending for the game would only be added as a day one patch to the game in an effort to prevent it from leaking ahead of its release date.

Photo courtesy of Square Enix/Disney