Blackout Supply Stash Locations

Blackout supply stash locations are scattered across the map, with more than 50 available for players to loot. Supply stashes often contain valuable gear and weapons that can contribute to a win. Here's where to find them.

Blackout Supply Stash Locations

The sheer number of supply stash locations spread all over the Blackout map makes listing them all a slightly insane endeavor, but here are a few places to check for the greatest density of stashes.

- There are three possible supply stashes along the length of the ship off the west coast of the map

- There can be up seven stashes around Nuketown, with one potentially appearing in the hidden bunker

- Up to 13 supply stashes can be found at the Cargo Docks, on the west edge of the map.

- Seven supply stashes can spawn in the Factory at the north end of E7 on the map

- A supply stash can be found in each of the three horizontal, rectangular buildings at Turbine

- As many as nine stashes can appear in Array

- One supply stash can spawn in each of the six buildings in the southeast corner of C3 on the map

- Nine stashes can appear at Hydro Dam, most found on the east side of the river

Those are the best spots to hit as many stashes as possible. For a more complete list, check out ​this handy guide.

Photo courtesy of Treyarch/Activision