​Where to sell jewelry in Red Dead Redemption 2? It isn't as simple as going to a store and selling the typically stolen goods. There are a few steps players need to do before being able to sell jewelry in-game. 

​​Where to Sell Jewelry in Red Dead Redemption 2

Stolen items cannot be sold at legitimate vendors, like general stores. Those valuable items will instead need to be sold at fences, which aren't available to players by default and are instead unlocked by tasks the player does while progressing through the story.

The first fence players can unlock in the game can be obtained by going through the main story. The Spines of America mission in Chapter 2 will introduce players to a fence named Seamus. The mission will give players a basic tutorial on robbing people. After the mission is complete, players will be able to visit Seamus and sell any stolen or valuable goods, including stolen wagons. He is the only fence players will encounter that will accept stolen wagons.

There are three other fences the player will be able to sell valuables to. There is one fence in Saint Denis, another off the Lannaheche River coastline, and one final fence north of Rhodes in Lemoyne. 

Fences will also sell weapons, items like a lock breaker, and masks for Arthur to wear while doing crimes to conceal his identity.

Cover photo courtesy of Rockstar Games