Resident Evil 2 Remake Unlockables

Resident Evil 2​ Remake unlockables are aplenty, including costumes and bonus game modes. although some outfits are locked behind a pay wall, all the outfits and bonus game modes carry ties to previous games in the series. Here are all of Resident Evil 2's unlockables.

Resident Evil Remake Unlockables

​Foremost among the unlockables in the Resident Evil remake are the special outfits for each of the characters.

Players who purchase the Resident Evil 2 deluxe edition will gain access to three different Claire outfits. They include a Military Costume, with a camo bandana, camo pants, and a bulletproof vest; a Noir Costume with a fedora, a loose tie and suspenders that applies a black and white filter to the game; and an Eliza Walker Costume dressing her in a race car driver's suit as a callback to the character that became Claire.

The deluxe edition also comes with a Noir outfit for Leon and an Arklay Sheriff Costume, giving him a cowboy hat and sheriff's uniform.

Even players who don't go in for the deluxe edition will have the chance to unlock reproductions of Claire and Leon's outfits from the original game. The designs are mostly faithful, though Capcom has removed the sleeves from Claire's outfit.

Finally, all players will be able to unlock A and B scenarios that show slight variations on each character's story. Completing each scenario will unlock the next and a bonus costume. After completing the A and B scenarios for each character, players can try out Hunk mode, a special timed escape. Finishing that unlocks Tofu mode, a knife-only version of Hunk mode.

Photo courtesy of Konami