5 Best Junglers in League of Legends Patch 9.2

5 best junglers in League of Legends Patch 9.2 -- who will become the best junglers in the upcoming League of Legends patch is a tricky question. 

The jungle has forever been a hotbed of buffs, nerfs, reworks and changes. This upcoming patch is said to have even more for the inter-lane wilderness. Jungling itself requires a lot of teamwork to get the most from any champion. 

Nevertheless, here are five champions with whom you'll not go wrong in Patch 9.2. 

5. Kayn

Kayn has difficulties dealing with highly-coordinated teams due to his weak early-game, but once he gets a few items and realizes his true form, he'll become a monster terrorizing split-pushers and threatening to 1v2 with his unpredictable ganks. 

If you suspect your opponent's team won't choke you out of the early game, then Kayn is an ideal pick to prowl through the walls to collapse on any champion unfortunate enough to be left alone.

4. Camille

Even with her rumored changes, Camille cannot be ignored as a high-impact jungler. Although she'll be slower at clearing camps, her mobility and crowd-control makes her an excellent ganker from the early stages, and getting her Hextech Ultimatum ultimate only furthers this. 

That said, Camille is very reliant on teammates, so she has to do a lot of work in the laning phase. Pick her if you're confident in your ability to outplay the enemy jungler and vision. 

3. Sejuani

A fancy new skin isn't all that's awaiting Sejuani in Patch 9.2; the Winter's Wrath can expect a patch of healthy jungling. 

Her Patch 9.1 changes gave her a lot of damage potential and pairing this with the Aftershock rune makes her a terror of a ganker. Her reduced crowd-control power is an acceptable trade-off for this mid-game strength, and she can still freeze enemies consistently enough to remain a tanky front line threat even into the late-game. 

2. Kha'Zix

For anyone who wants to do some mid-to-late game carrying, Kha'Zix is a tempting choice. While his camp-taking isn't the best and he's liable to invades by the enemy jungler, once he gets his items and points into his ultimate, Kha'Zix will gradually evolve from assisting his laners to a ganking assassin to a team-fighting monster. 

While very susceptible to being stomped, if played properly this bug will float like a butterfly and sting like a jet fighter. 

1. Xin Zhao

The proposed Smite changes might affect a lot of powerful early-to-mid game junglers who could use Challenging/Chilling Smite to finish off targets, but something unchanged is the Phase Rush rune, which allows Xin Zhao truly monstrous amounts of damage. 

Further, with Jax nerfs incoming, this multi-hitting staff-wielder will look like a tempting alternative. He's vulnerable to tanks counter-jungling, but his speed and power and ganks will let him roam quickly from camp to camp before unleashing hell on the lanes. 

Images courtesy of Riot Games