Riven Lore: 5 Interesting Facts

Riven lore is one of the most intriguing in the League of Legends universe. With her appearance in the new Awaken cinematic, Riven has received more interesting information in her lore. 

The League of Legends champion, known as the Exile, might be better known for her anime-esque appearance and fighting-game-inspired mechanics, but she has a wealth of backstory for those who care to take a peak behind the massive broken blade. 

5. Riven Served Noxus Alongside Singed

During her time in the Noxian army fighting Ionia, Riven and her unit escorted a warband employing the Zaunite alchemist Singed. Known as the Mad Chemist, Singed was responsible for countless war crimes, and the originator of the brew which destroyed Riven's squad and nearly killed her. 

4. Riven Fought Draven in Gladiatorial Pits

Some time after deserting, Riven was captured by Noxian forces and sent to the arena. There, she fought for her life in a gladiatorial ring presided over by Draven. This encounter, shown in the Awaken trailer, is triggered when Riven's fighting spirit intrigues the bored executioner and ignites his battle hunger. Though the outcome is unknown, it's fair to say that Riven's own combat prowess more than entertained him. 

3. She Was Responsible for the Death of Yasuo's Master

Yasuo is known as the Unforgiven, but tragically his unforgivable crime isn't even his own; it was Riven's, and that was entirely by accident. 

When Riven sought to break her sword, the symbol of her Noxian devotion, she met Elder Souma, acclaimed swordsman and Yasuo's master. When they attempted to shatter the blade, it emitted wind magic thought known only to Yasuo and his brother Yone. Riven fled, and her accidental killing of Souma is what led to Yasuo's own status as pariah. 

2. Her Sword was Enchanted by LeBlanc

Riven's runic blade is an explicitly magical artifact, and a gift from Noxian High Command to commend her service to the Empire. Such a prestigious weapon could only have been enchanted by an equally powerful sorcerer... or sorceress, as it turns out in this case. 

The Deceiver has many names, but LeBlanc is the one familiar to players for the pale-skinned Matron of the Black Rose cabal.

1. She Exiled Herself

Riven is known as the Exile, but in truth her major crime in Noxian law is simply refusing to die when she was supposed to, acting as bait for an Ionian army, and then not reporting in after managing to survive. 

The reason for her title is her own disillusionment with the Empire for which she'd fought and served and bled, leading her to strike out on her own to atone for her past deeds. 

Images courtesy of Riot Games