Competitive Capture the Flag officially went live in the Overwatch Year of the Pig event, the Lunar New Year event for this year. The game mode will reward players with Competitive Points based on their Skill Rating, like regular competitive play. 

Overwatch Year of the Pig Start Time: Competitive Capture the Flag Returns in Event

​​Blizzard's ​Overwatch Lunar New Year event launched Thursday with the Year of the Pig event. With the return of Capture the Flag, players will also have the opportunity to compete in competitive Capture the Flag. 

It will act like regular competitive mode, where players need to do placement matches and continue to play in order to maintain their rank in the mode. Players will be rewarded with CP based on their SR by the end of competitive Capture the Flag Season 2. 

In both competitive and regular Capture the Flag, players will also be able to play on the Busan map. The control map ​was added to Overwatch in September, but it will also be a playable map for Capture the Flag with a new night-time look for the Lunar New Year celebration.

The Year of the Pig event will run until Feb. 18. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard