Oh the Things You'll Break PUBG: How to Complete

"Oh the Things​ You'll Break" is the latest PUBG mission, and a lot of players are having trouble understanding how to finish it. Once you know how to complete it, the challenge is trivially simple. Here's how to fulfill the "Oh the Things You'll Break" PUBG mission.

Oh the Things You'll Break PUBG: How to Complete

The requirements for "Oh the Things You'll Break" aren't immediately available to ​PUBG players. If you're looking for those requirements, here's what you need to do to complete the challenge:

- Break 10 windows

- Break 10 doors (This one requires completely destroying the doors, leaving nothing behind)

- Pop eight tires

- Blow up two cars

Perform all these steps in a single PUBG match and you'll complete the challenge.

The easiest way to complete this challenge is to find some explosives, any gun, and a vehicle. Drive somewhere remote and get to smashing.

Some PUBG players are also citing destroying 10 fences as necessary to complete the challenge, but others are claiming that step is unnecessary. It wouldn't hurt to destroy the fences to be on the safe side.

The latest PUBG mission is almost a month old, but completing it is still giving players many challenges.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp