Overwatch Capture the Flag: 5 Tips for Success

Overwatch Capture the Flag tips are like quarters in a piggy bank: individually useful, but you gain a lot more value when pooled together. With the Year of the Pig event celebrating the Lunar New Year, Overwatch brings back Competitive Capture the Flag so for all those looking to rank up, here are five tips to help seize the enemy standard. 

5. Move as a Team

It can be tempting to split the team into a defensive group to hold the base and an offensive vanguard to push into the enemy. What that actually ends up doing is making your team have to fight two fights 3-v-6. Whatever you choose to do, it's better to do it as a full six player force. One team committing to one bad play is better than six players committing to six different good plays. 

4. Movement Abilities Drop the Flag

Because the objective is to get the enemy flag back to your base, the obvious solution is to have heroes like Tracer, Mercy, Winston, or Sombra slip in and then zip out with the flag. But not so fast: movement abilities like Blink, Guardian Angel, Jump Pack, and Translocator all cause the hero to drop the flag at the place they activated the ability. The flag is going to have to leave the old fashioned way.

3. Tanks Are the Best Flag Carriers

With the understanding that the flag can't be flown away and must be walked back, it becomes clear that Tanks are the ideal flag-bearers. They don't move much slower than their teammates and have big health pools with defensive abilities to keep them alive longer and make sure the flag stays in motion. Standouts are Reinhardt and Zarya, who can backpedal and fight without having to give up critical mobility like Winston or D.Va

2. Pick a Flexible Composition and Stick With It

Overwatch drills into players that flexibility is key. In Capture the Flag, though, this comes with an asterisk. Because teams need to be ready to switch from besieged to besieging in an instant, it's important to pick a composition that can attack and defend in equal measure. The primary reason is that too much switching means you'll never have the crucial ultimates needed to fight off the enemy when they come in ready to press their own Qs.

1. Offense > Defense

Capture the Flag can't be won by stalling. Unlike in regular Overwatch, in which defenders get a lot of advantages, in CTF it's important to get ahead and then stay ahead. Players should look to get aggressive and force the issue so that they can get crucial points on the board. Once you're two points ahead of the enemy, then it's worth it to slow down and play defensive and run down the clock, but until then attack!

Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment