Atomic Heart release date is still vague for most fans, but developer Mundfish has stated it will reveal the release date for console and PC in Q2 2019. 

This time period adds up as the beta will release in Q4 in 2019. That, unfortunately, means that the game will most likely hit the shelves in 2020.

Atomic Heart Release Date

Atomic Heart release date has not been confirmed by the studio, but it has given fans two tentative dates. One for the actual date announcement during Q2 2019 and the beta in Q4 2019. 

The game has been gaining traction since May of last year after the game's trailer was revealed. Many were excited for the new project by developer Mundfish. The game is priced out at $30.

If you're looking for other games in 2019, Dying Light 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 are both set to come out in 2019.  

Photo courtesy of Mundfish