Overwatch Developer Geoff Goodman went on the Blizzard forums to explain new mechanisms to balance armor coming up in an upcoming game patch.

The changes are not significant, but characters that deal damage through "channeled effects" (Zarya, Moira, Symmetra, Winston, etc.) will see their damage against armored targets improved. This does not mean that these characters will be straight up buffed, but just that the development team wants to be happy with how effective these characters are against armored enemies.

The YourOverwatch video below will have more information on balance talk direct from the Overwatch team.

Blizzard had already made changes to how armor works in the game's most recent update.

Previously, the above-mentioned characters generally deal a flat amount of "tick damage" over time. But each tick of damage would be reduced to around half by armor. Perhaps the developers will make these weapons deal higher base damage only against armor to compensate for the armor damage reduction per tick. So far the community has been supportive of these balancing efforts.

There's not a better time to get into Overwatch, as the Overwatch League is just around the corner and the price of the game has fallen to a mere $20.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard