Anthem Loading Screen Stuck: Anthem Beta Players Dealing With Issues

Anthem's loading screen is getting stuck for many beta players. Anthem's VIP demo received numerous complaints after players had various difficulties accessing the game.

BioWare's latest game encountered four major issues. According to EA Community Manager Jesse Anderson, they were:

1. Infinite loading screens when launching the game or entering an expedition.
2. Unable to get past the Anthem title screen.
3. Some Xbox One players are unable to access the Anthem VIP demo.
4. Some players are unable to access their Anthem VIP demo friends codes.

These crippling problems coupled with the difficulty of the Triple Threat Barrier Puzzle made for an uncomfortable gaming experience. But EA has been quick to address these problems.

Anthem Loading Screen Stuck
On the bright sides, these issues were likely because the servers were overwhelmed by interested players. This means that the demand for the game is higher than what BioWare and EA anticipated. The developers should have ample time to identify and fix the game before an even greater amount of people arrive for the Public Demo next week.

The VIP Demo will run until the end of this weekend. The Public Demo begins Friday, Feb. 1 at 11 a.m. EST/9 a.m. PST. Anthem is slated to be released on Feb. 22. There is a special Light of Dawn edition for PlayStation 4 players.

Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts