Pokemon Gen 8 Region Possibly Leaked

Pokemon Gen 8 has been confirmed by Nintendo to be released for the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019. These games will be a new “mainline” entry for the Pokemon series and will be unrelated to the Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee games released in November 2018.

We haven’t heard much concrete news about the Gen 8 games since Nintendo revealed them at E3 in 2017. However, there’s been a rumor floating around regarding the type of Region that Pokemon Gen 8 will take place in.

According to YouTuber DuncanCantDie, the Pokemon Gen 8 games’ region will be based around the United Kingdom. DuncanCantDie has a somewhat credible track record regarding leaked information, including correctly predicting Incineroar’s inclusion to Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

This is very much still a rumor, and possibly completely incorrect. Concrete information about the Gen 8 Pokemon games has been tightly locked down by Nintendo, but we can expect more information this year, possibly during Nintendo’s E3-Style Direct Presentation. 

The Gen 8 Pokemon games are currently slated for release in 2019.