Kingdom Hearts 3 Ending Explained

​Kingdom Hearts 3's ending can be confusing especially if you have looked up the leaks and haven't played the whole game yet as a reference. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 was one of the most sought after video games since it was first hinted at in 2015 and since players have been waiting for a sequel since 2005. Yet, to the surprise of no one, the game was leaked in mass and players can see gameplay, cinematics and everything else under the sun.


Kingdom Hearts 3 Ending Explained

You can watch here how the game will end, but be warned, if the game is ruined for you, you made the choice to watch. 

For those wondering how the game has shaped up so far, ​Kingdom Hearts 3 Metacritic Review score might be a surprise to many in the community as it's one of the most demanded and hyped video games in a very long time. Kingdom Hearts 2 had a massive following behind it and ever since its 2005 release, players have anxiously awaited the return of Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Metacritic review is a stellar score of 89. Does it live up to the amount of hype? That's how it appears, as 89 is a fantastic score in today's world of rushed video game projects, but it also had close to five years of development. That's more than most video game series receive let alone one single title.

Photo courtesy of Square Enix