Fortnite Snowfall Skin Leaked: Possible New Season 7 Skin

Fortnite Snowfall skin leaked? It appears that way!

The Fortnite Snowfall skin was potentially leaked this week as the ice surrounding Polar Peaks continued to melt.

The Snowfall skin should be available for Fortnite players to unlock after the Week 9 challenges are released. To unlock the Snowfall skin, players will need to complete nine weeks worth of the Snowfall challenges.

Fortnite Snowfall Skin Leaked? New Skin Hinted at in Fortnite

Players have been speculating all season as to what the Snowfall skin might be. Some thought it might be the leaked Malcore skin, but that was dispelled when Malcore appeared in the Fortnite Shop.

So what will the Snowfall skin be? The ice surrounding the palace in Polar Peaks is beginning to melt, giving us a major clue as to what the Snowfall skin could be.

If you travel to the Polar Peaks, you’ll notice that the ice has partially melted, revealing the entrance to the palace’s dungeons.

Inside the dungeon area, there is a mysterious block of ice in the middle of the room.

If players inspect the block of ice more closely, they can see what appears to be a humanoid hand emerging from the ice. Is this the Snowfall skin?

It makes sense. The Ice Storm event will be ending on the same day that the Snowfall skin becomes available. As the ice is removed from the map, the ice will continue to melt, revealing the Snowfall skin.

This theory is backed up by a data mined texture pack that looks very similar to the hand coming out of the Ice Block. Here’s a photo of the texture pack, as reported by ​FBR_News on Twitter.

Some Fortnite players are speculating that the Snowfall skin will be the Fire King, the counterpart of the Ice King, who has been the main villain of Season 7. The mystery will finally be revealed when the 7.30 update for Fortnite is released on Tuesday, Jan. 29. 

Cover photo by Wyatt Tackel/Epic Games