Resident Evil 2 Heart Key: Where to Find it

Resident Evil 2 Heart Key has been giving players some trouble...​

Capcom's remake of Resident Evil 2 has seen rave reviews from fans of the zombie-shooter franchise. Released 21 years after the original Resident Evil 2, the 2019 remake has been applauded as one of the best survival horror games ever created. 

The game is full of puzzles and challenges that is further complicated by the Tyrant that is chasing the player for much of the game. Of particular note, people have had trouble finding the Heart Key in the game.

How to Find the Resident Evil 2 Heart Key

The Heart Key can only be found when playing as Claire. The key is located in the Private Collection Room​, which is to the right of the police station's Main Hall next to the Art Room and Waiting Room. Look around the Private Collection Room for a relief portrait, and examine the portrait in the inventory to reveal the Heart Key. 

It's unknown if the Heart Key will be found in the same place in the second play through run yet.

We have the solution if you are stuck on the ​chess puzzle challenge too. Also, do make sure to ​play through the game twice to unlock the game's full, true ending. 

​​Photo courtesy of Capcom