Kingdom Hearts 2.9: What is it?

Kingdom Hearts 2.9 is not a new game. It is a real part of Kingdom Hearts 3 and will be the first part of the game players get to experience. Here is everything you need to know.

Kingdom Hearts 2.9: Everything you need to know

When players begin Kingdom Hearts 3, they will be greeted with a screen that says "Kingdom Hearts II.9," implying the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 3 has yet to start. It is a continuation of the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A Fragmented Passage-, where Sora is tasked with regaining his powers after being stripped away of most of his strength by Xehanort. 

There are spoilers for Kingdom Hearts 2.9 ahead. 

Like it was implied in the original Kingdom Hearts 2.9 The First Volume, Sora will depart for Olympus with Donald and Goofy to pay Hercules a visit. Once he arrives, he finds there is trouble going on thanks to Hades and his new plan for domination. Sora teams up with Hercules to rescue civilians and fight off the Titans that Hades released.

Once Sora defeats the Titans, Sora will leave Olympus with an idea on how he will gain his strength back. Master Yen Sid will give Sora new garments and Kingdom Hearts 3 will officially begin.

Cover photo courtesy of Square Enix