Kingdom Hearts 3 What Do You Desire: All the Choices and What They Mean

Kingdom Hearts 3 What Do You Desire: All the Choices and What They Mean

​Kingdom Hearts 3 "What do you desire?" is a question players will face when beginning the game. The choices players have are much different than previous Dive to the Heart sequences. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 What Do You Desire?

Kingdom Hearts 3's Dive to the Heart phase ​will show Sora surrounded by memories of his past adventures throughout all Kingdom Hearts games, which will be familiar for fans of the series. Like all choices the player makes in Dive to the Heart, it will affect Sora's stats and his abilities.

Unlike Kingdom Hearts, where players need to choose between Attack, Defense, and Magic, and ultimately sacrifice one, and Kingdom Hearts 2 where players only needed to make one choice, players are asked to make two decisions in Kingdom Hearts 3.

The first question will ask players to choose between Wisdom, Vitality, or Balance.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Wisdom

Wisdom: 90 HP, 120 MP

Wisdom will increase Sora's MP at the cost of health. Players will receive greater MP increases as they level up. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 Vitality

Vitality: 120 HP, 100 MP

Vitality will give Sora more health at the cost of his magic, similar to a tank. He will have the highest base HP available with Vitality, but the lowest base MP. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 Balance

Balance: 105 HP, 110 MP

​Balance will give Sora a decent amount of HP and MP without one severely overpowering the other. It is a good choice for players who could not decide between the first two or want strong stats in both HP and MP equally. 

The second question asks Sora to choose between the power of the Guardian, Warrior, or Mystic. The question basically asks players what sort of abilities and power do they desire to use the most.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Guardian

Guardian allows Sora to learn defensive abilities earlier on. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 Warrior

If players choose Warrior, Sora will offer earlier access to abilities with hit combos.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Mystic

Mystic will prioritize giving Sora access to magic buff abilities early on in the game. 

Sora will learn all abilities no matter which option is picked, but the decision will influence which abilities Sora will learn sooner rather than later.

Cover photo courtesy of Square Enix