Golden Spatula Club: Everything You Need to Know

​Golden Spatula Club is an exclusive League of Legends bonus you can purchase on your account during the Lunar Revel 2019 event.

The Golden Spatula Club is an add-on to the All Random Ultra Rapid Fire + mode, or ARURF+, and gives players certain boosts and extra bonuses. 

Here's everything you need to know about the Golden Spatula Club in League of Legends.

​​Golden Spatula Club: League of Legends ARURF+ Bonuses

The Golden Spatula Club is available on the League of Legends shop for 1250 Riot Points. ​It was initially available on the PBE for 1 blue essence to try out. 

Here's everything included when you purchase the ​Golden Spatula Club:

- Price: 1250 RP

- One random individual skin boost every game

- One additional re-roll (max allowed remains at two)

- Three new randomized champion finishers

- Special Minion Taunts

- Exclusive Golden Spatula Club icon

The Golden Spatula Club is a new addition for this year's Lunar Revel event. The bonus comes alongside ​new Lunar Revel skins Coin Emperor Tahm Kench, Firecracker Sejunai, Firecracker Vayne and Prestige Firecracker Vayne. 

League of Legends Patch 9.2 also included the introducing of Sylas the Unshackled, ​Galio and Irelia balance changes and more.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Golden Spatula Club information courtesy of Surrender@20