Overwatch BC-124 is a login error many Xbox One players have likely faced when trying to play the game. Here is how to avoid this problem.

Overwatch BC-124 Error: How to fix

The BC-124 error typically happens right after a new update is released for Overwatch or the console itself. The Overwatch servers require you to have the most up to date version of the game or Xbox system to play and will not authenticate you otherwise. BC-124 could also be caused my connection issues

There are a couple ways to fix the problem. One could just reset their Xbox and put it on standby while waiting for the console to update itself.


1. Restart your Xbox then check for an update in settings. 

2.Exit Overwatch and check the updates queue to see if a new patch is being downloaded. 

3.If you’re still getting the error, power on and off your router and cable modem, then try doing the same with your Xbox One. 

4.Check your NAT Type in Xbox settings. You want it to be “Open” or “Moderate”  

5. Switch from Wi-Fi to an Ethernet connection to see if it’s a signal strength issue. 6. Disconnect your Xbox Profile from your Blizzard Account, then reconnect it.

The BC-124 error may pop up not only when the server refuses to authenticate a player, but also when there is a general server outage. Look to see if there is a server outage before contacting Blizzard Support.

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​​Photo courtesy of Blizzard