​League of Legends URF 2019 has returned, as the popular All Random Ultra Rapid Fire (ARURF) game mode has entered the Lunar Revel event.

The ARUF mode returns with some all new features. Players can propel themselves anywhere on the battlefield using a cannon located right next to the fountain. Each games takes around 13-20 minutes and every player is blessed with  80 percent reduced cooldowns, infinite mana, and faster Dragon and Baron spawns. Also, ARURF returns this year with a special Golden Spatula Club bundle that is available for purchase.

ARURF has been so popular that it was played at the ​2018 League All-Star event. 

ARURF differs from the regular URF mode in that champions are chosen at random. The champions can even be preciously discarded heroes. ARURF is already a permanent game mode in the PBE.

Some players have called for ARURF to become a permanent mode in the game. Other players find the game mode annoying, and Riot has noted that more players actually stop playing the game after an ARURF event then before it. It is true that with all of these buffs, certain champions become far stronger than their peers, abusing the low cooldowns to string together powerful attacks. Perhaps Riot will further address these balance issues if ARURF becomes a permanent game mode.

The Lunar Revel event runs until March 4, 2019, at 11:59 PM PT.

Photo courtesy of Riot