​The Overwatch Paris map was revealed Wednesday in a surprise update for the Overwatch Public Test Region. Here are five things players need to know about the new map. 

​​Overwatch Paris Map: 5 Things You Need to Know

5. New Assault Map

The map is an assault map, like Hanamura or Volskaya Industries, meaning ​Overwatch players will have to capture two different points or objectives to win the round or game. ​

4. Attackers Spawn Features a Singing Omnic

The attackers will prepare for the game inside of Cabaret Luna and be treated to a performance by the omnic diva Luna. There are also booths for players to sit at with their team as they wait. 

3. Paris is a Pro-Omnic City

There are many omnics featured on the Paris map. In addition to photos of omnics and omnics featured in romantic advertisements, players can find art of omnic extremist and posters for the rights of omnics. 

2. Good Map for Widowmaker

Players who tested the map are reporting great areas for Widowmaker to snipe from. It is a very open map and Widowmaker will be allowed to grapple onto a number of places and scope safely on enemies.

1. No Release Date Yet

The map will officially be added to live servers soon, according to ​Blizzard's announcement. The map will likely stay on the PTR for a couple of weeks before being added to live servers.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard