Resident Evil 2 Leon B: 5 Tips to Complete

Resident Evil 2 Leon's B story can be unlocked for certain players after completing the campaign. The Resident Evil 2 remake continues the Resident Evil tradition of offering players multiple ways to play through the game. In its own particular spin on the now-popular New Game + feature, Resident Evil 2 allows players to replay both Leon and Claire's stories with slight differences. Here are five tips for playing Leon's B story in Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil 2 Leon B: Raise the Brightness

By the time you're running through Resident Evil 2 for the second or third time (which you must be if you're on Leon's B story), most of Resident Evil 2's horror effect has gone out the window. Raising the brightness may cut the game's atmosphere, but it will do so as it raises the ease of spotting out enemies and supplies.

Resident Evil 2 Leon B: Explore
Each character's B story changes up where key items and enemies are found to keep players on their toes as they head through the game. Don't expect everything to be where you first found it. It may take some extra exploring to find the weapons and items you depended on in the first run through.

Resident Evil 2 Leon B: Don't Kill Every Zombie
Preserving ammo in Resident Evil 2 is an absolute necessity. Meanwhile, killing every zombie isn't. Zombies rarely full on gate progress, or even content, making it a viable strategy to skate around them when wasting the ammo isn't worth the kill.

Resident Evil 2 Leon B: Collect Combat Knives
Combat Knives will make the difference between life and death countless times over the course of a Resident Evil 2 run. They stand as the only defense before a zombie who's grabbed you, allowing you to escape their grasp rather than be devoured. Make sure to kill every zombie you use a Combat Knife on, as you can recover the knife only once the zombie is confirmed dead.

Resident Evil 2 Leon B: Monitor Your Inventory
In Resident Evil 2, inventory management is nearly as dangerous as the indomitable monster Mr. X. It's vital that you cull the useless from your inventory whenever it comes in conflict with the essential.

Photo courtesy of Capcom