Kingdom Hearts 3 Frozen Slider Treasure: How to Earn the Treasure

Kingdom Hearts 3 Frozen Slider Treasure can be earned doing certain side missions. One of them is the Frozen Slider minigame in the Frozen world of Arendelle. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 Frozen Slider Treasure

To access the minigame, speak with Elsa at the Ridge after you complete the Arendelle stage to hit the slopes. To get a high score, try to focus on the smaller prizes, avoid hitting obstacles, and stay on the snowy surface. Smaller prizes are numerous on the snow and are safer to collect than larger prizes, as larger prizes are near obstacles. Collecting the HP recovery prize does nothing unless you take damage from hitting an obstacle. Also, it is wiser to prioritize avoid getting hit to completing the map with a fast time. The bonus for completing the minigame in under 1:37 is 35,000 points, while the bonus for not getting hit is 50,000 points. Still, if you are particularly adept at this minigame, try to go for both bonuses!

Collect the 10 treasure pieces lying along the slope and complete the minigame to get the Orichalcum+ needed to craft the Ultima Weapon.

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​​Photo courtesy of Disney