Kingdom Hearts 3 Moogle Photos: Where to Find All of Them

Kingdom Hearts 3's moogle photos are a unique challenge in the Kingdom Hearts universe. 

The Moogles have returned in Kingdom Hearts 3 and they have a special challenge. Here is how to complete the 20 Moogle Photo missions in the game. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 Moogle Photos

1. Flame Core

These enemies are located at Thebes Outlook in Olympus. Taking pictures of moving enemies can be difficult, so take multiple pictures until the game recognizes that you got one.

2. Water Core

The Water Core are in Monstropolis one level above the Factory basement.

3. Chief Puff 

Chief Puff can be found in the Kingdom of Corona. Spawn at Forest Hills and move back to the start of the mission to find one.

4. Hercules Statue

Go to the statue under construction in the Thebes Agora.

5. Beasts and Bugs Wall Display

Go to the Action+ store on the first floor of the Galaxy Toys. Get a good vantage point and snap a shot of the main wall display.

6. Rapunzel's Tower

7.  Festival

Go to the Kingdom of Corona and take a picture of the festival, with the large doors in the background.

8. Fire in the Secluded Forge

At Olympus, go to the Realm of the God Corridors. Eventually, you will drop down a hole to the Secluded Forge.

9. Zeus

Zeus is hanging out at the Realm of the Gods Apex.

10. Tram

It's in Twilight Town.

11. CDA agent

There's one at the Power Plant Tank Yard in Monstropolis.

12. Ice Palace

Go to the North Mountain Ridge.

13. Olaf

He's also at the Ice Palace.

14. Big Green Cactuar

He's at the Kid Korral area of Toy Box, which is the top floor of Galaxy Toys.

15. Scarecrow

Head to Twilight Town and he's standing in a field in the 100 Acre Woods.

16. Evening Star

Go to San Fransokyo and look up at night time.

17. Fish-Shaped Wind Socks

Wait until light and go to the tall blue cylindrical buildings south of North district. Look up for the wind socks.

18. Demon Tower

Go to the Power Plant Tank Yard and force one to spawn at the blue battlegate.

19. Waterfall

Head to the Fort in the Caribbean and leave through the back entrance to find the waterfall.

20. Sora's Teammates

Take pictures of all 12 of Sora's teammates.

Photo courtesy of Disney and Square Enix