How to Get UC in PUBG Mobile

How to Get UC in PUBG Mobile is a popular question as it's the main currency in the game. UC stands for "Unknown Cash," the in-game currency in PUBG Mobile. Players can use this money to purchase various cosmetic items in the game.

How to Get UC in PUBG Mobile

UC can be bought in the in-game store, and the price of every 60 UC is the equivalent to about one dollar. There is no legitimate way to earn free UC without hacking or exploiting the game. The only time PUBG gives out UC for free is when there is an error in the game, as was the case when South Korean players had wrong items released to them. Certain sites advocate going to "" but this is certainly some type of scam. PUBG has stated that it will crack down heavily on those caught hacking the game, although the company has been accused of including bots in many of its mobile games.

Technically, one can purchase the Elite Pass for 600 UC or $10 and complete the missions to rank it up. At the highest rank, PUBG will refund your 600 UC.

PUBG has been fine-tuning the game for Xbox players by implementing fixes for some bugs. The most recent addition to the game has been the canted sights, which allows players to quickly switch between scopes.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corporation