Apex Legends Wraith: How to Play Wraith

​Apex Legends Wraith is a Legend available for players in the new battle royale game. Wraith is a stealth-based character and has a unique kit. Here is a guide on how to play Wraith.

Apex Legends Wraith: How to Play Wraith

Wraith is a Legend who can be powerful in the right hands, but she will be difficult to master for newcomers to the game. ​Players who are more familiar with the map will benefit when choosing Wraith, so it is recommended players have a good understanding of the different areas on the map beforehand. She has three different abilities for players to use. 

Voices from the Void (Passive): Wraith's passive ability will notify her when there are enemies nearby. Voices will begin talking in order to indicate incoming danger. The voices will only be heard by Wraith, meaning she will need to share the information with her squad. It can be easy to miss without headphones. 

Into the Void: Wraith's tactical ability, Into the Void, will allow herself to turn completely invisible and move at an increased speed for a limited amount of time. It will not give Wraith the ability to see enemies, however, so it is important players know what enemies are nearby and where they can easily find cover if needed. Wraith can use the ability to ambush a squad and initiate a fight, or she can use it to escape if the fight isn't going in her favor.

Dimensional Rift (Ultimate): Wraith's Ultimate gives her the ability to create two portals that will last for 15 seconds. Her squad can use both sides of the portal for its duration. The portal will give her team an easy way out of a fight or a way to sneak up on teams.

Cover photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment