Kingdom Hearts 3 Synthesis Materials

Kingdom Hearts 3 synthesis materials can be found in every world in the game and will be crucial to synthesizing new accessories, weapons, and more. Here is a list of all the synthesis materials players can find in Kingdom Hearts 3. 

​​Kingdom Hearts 3 Synthesis Materials

Players will be able to find synthesis materials throughout each world in the Kingdom Hearts universe. In Kingdom Hearts 3, players will travel through ​nine different worlds during the game. These materials can be found by through treasure chests, rewards from side missions, dropped by enemies, or even dropped by breaking various items on the map. 

Here are all the synthesis items.

- Blazing Crystal

- Blazing Shard

- Blazing Stone

- Damascus

- Electrum

- Flourite

- Frost Crystal

- Frost Shard

- Frost Stone

- Hungry Gem 

- Hungry Shard

- Hungry Stone

- Illusory Crystal

- Lightning Crystal

- Lightning Gem

- Lightning Shard

- Lucid Crystal ​

- Lucid Shard

- Lucid Stone


- Orichalcum+

- Mythril Crystal

- Mythril Gem

- Mythril Shard 

- Mythril Stone

- Pulsing Crystal

- Pulsing Shard

- Sinister Shard

- Sinister Stone

- Soothing Crystal

- Twilight Gem

- Writhing Crystal

- Writhing Gem

- Writhing Shard

- Writhing Stone

Cover photo courtesy of Square Enix