Kingdom Hearts 3 Hungry Gem: Where to Farm the Synthesis Material

​Kingdom Hearts 3 hungry gem farming is essential to crafting in the game. Hungry gems, part of the rest of the list of synthesis materials, are used to craft armor, weapons and other items in the Moogle shop. 

Synthesizing is key to item progression in Kingdom Hearts 3 because of the strong armor upgrades, Keyblade upgrades for Sora and even upgrades for Donald Duck and Goofy.

Here's a quick way to farm hungry gems in Kingdom Hearts 3. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 Hungry Gem: How to Farm the Material

Farming hungry gems can be simple if you know exactly how to do it. ​According to a story from GosuNoob​, the best way to get hungry gems is to kill Frost Serpents in Frozen world Arendelle. Hitting their tails will drop the gems, so focus on that part of the creature.

Kingdom Hearts 3 released on Xbox One for the first time and PlayStation 4 on Jan. 29.

Photo courtesy of Square Enix