Kingdom Hearts 3 Shotlock List

Kingdom Hearts 3 Shotlock list will provide players with the different Shotlock commands they will be able to use with each Keyblade. Here is a list of all Shotlock commands Sora can use.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Shotlock List

- Kingdom Key: King of Hearts, Ragnarok​

- Hero's Origin: Drain Shock, Atomic Deluge

- Shooting Star: Meteor Shower, Diving Barrage

- Favorite Deputy: Ghost Horde, Drill Dive

- Ever After: Shimmering Drops, Spectral Rays

- Happy Gear: Snakebite, Warp Trick

- Crystal Snow: Diamond Dust, Frozen Crescents

- Wheel of Fate: Blade Storm, Flag Rampage

- Nano Gear: Cubic Stream, Zone Connector

- Hunny Spout: Hunny Burst, Hunny Drizzle

- Grand Chef: Stream Sprial, Fruit Crusher 

- Classic Tone: Phantom Rush, Noise Flux

- Starlight: Blades of the Round, Union Ragnarok

- Ultima Weapon: Infinity Circle

Shotlocking is an ability Sora can use during fights in Kingdom Hearts 3. The same command can also ​allow Sora to Airstep to different areas on the map. Shotlocking can be used with any Keyblade that Sora weilds -- including the ​Ultima Weapon, thestrongest Keyblade players can unlock. It can only be obtained ​through synthesizing certain materials. 

Cover photo courtesy of Square Enix