League of Legends: 5 Best Bot Laners in Patch 9.3

League of Legends Patch 9.3 sees old-school bot laners raise their hands to the skies and praise the heavens as the revamped crit items rain down on faces dripping tears of joy. 

The crit item changes will reinvigorate the traditional AD Carries and Marksmen, but that doesn't mean they'll regain the same monopoly over the bot lane as they once did. Mages and AP Carries will remain as strong as before, and it remains to be seen if the item changes are enough to help the marksmen scale with their spell-slinging rivals. 

With that said, here are the five best bot laners in Patch 9.3.

5. Vayne

Vayne has been rising in prominence as her power shines in all lanes with her high damage and ability to both engage and disengage. That said, her limited range can be problematic in the bottom lane as mages and marksmen alike remain opposite her. Still, her damage possibility cannot be ignored, and will be a reliable pick for those who can read the tempo of a fight.

4. Caitlyn

The classic Marksman returns once more with the revamped crit items returning power to her auto-attacks. Caitlyn's long range was hampered by the relative weakness of her attacks and her susceptibility to ganks. With the new Phantom Dancer and reverted Infinity Edge, Caitlyn returns as a power pick for those who want to push their lane and poke back the opponent. 

3. Ezreal

Ezreal remains eternal in the bot lane across metas, and this one is no different. With the ability to build hybrid damage builds, Ezreal is affected the least of traditional AD Carries with the revamped crit item changes. His continued power demonstrates how underpowered the rest of the field were in comparison when, without any significant changes, he remains near the top. 

2. Kai'Sa

The quintessential hyper-carry in modern League of Legends, Kai'sa edges ahead of Ezreal if only because she can take better advantage of the reworked items. While her laning phase is significantly weaker, her mid and especially late game are one of the most powerful in the game. With new options between Stormrazor, Phantom Dancer, Essence Reaver and Infinity Edge, Kai'sa has gained a new set of tools with which to wreak havoc with her hybrid damage builds. 

1. Lucian

Lucian gains the top spot for his ability to bully lanes in a metagame which still favors shorter games which rely on snowballing early leads. With the option to build into either AP or AD, Lucian is versatile and strong who can push hard into most opponents in the bot lane. 

Images courtesy of Riot Games