Kingdom Hearts 3 Damascus Farming: How to Do it

Kingdom Hearts 3 Damascus farming is a technique players attempt to do in order to obtain as much Damascus as possible. The synthesis item will be important to level up Keyblades.

​​Kingdom Hearts 3 Damascus Farming

There are several ways to farm Damascus in Kingdom Hearts 3. The easiest way to obtain it, though, will be through opening chests in the game. Damascus will not appear in any of the first three worlds, meaning Olympus, Twilight Town, and Toy Box will not have any Damascus in their chests. The material will spawn ​in the remaining worlds.

Another way to farm Damascus is by opening Treasure Spheres in space with the Gummi Ship. 

Fans will also have a way to purchase Damascus in Kingdom Hearts 3 if they cannot find enough. Damascus can be purchased ​from the Moogle Shop in Kingdom Hearts 3 after players beat Arendelle. Damascus is an important ​synthesis material if players want to level up their Keyblades.

Cover photo courtesy of Square Enix