Kingdom Hearts 3 Kingdom of Corona Treasures: How to Find the 40 Collectibles

Kingdom Hearts 3 Kingdom of Corona's treasures are scattered throughout the world in a total of 40 collectibles made up of 28 Treasures, 9 Lucky Emblems, 3 Classic Kingdom Games.

They're pretty straightforward to find, but can be tedious to find all of them.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Kingdom of Corona Treasures

Powerpyx did an excellent guide on how to find all of the collectibles for the game. There are a total of 16 collectibles in the Hills, three in the Tower, 11 in the Marsh, seven in the Campsite, two in the Wildflower Clearing, eight on the shore, six on the Thoroughfare, and 10 on the Wharf. 

For players wanting to improve Sora's strength, shotlocking is an ability Sora can use during fights in Kingdom Hearts 3. The same command can also allow Sora to Airstep to different areas on the map. Shotlocking can be used with any Keyblade that Sora wields -- including the Ultima Weapon, the strongest Keyblade players can unlock. It can only be obtained through synthesizing certain materials.

Photo courtesy of Square Enix