Fortnite Season 7 Week 10 cheat sheets are now available courtesy of Fortnite influencer thesquatingdog. His latest work lists all the challenges in Fortnite Season 7 Week 10 plus how to complete them and where to find them. Check it out below.

​Fortnite Week 10 Cheat Sheet

The Fortnite Week 10 cheat sheet lists all the challenges, free and Battle Pass-exclusive, that players must complete to get the full rewards for the week. It also shows where to complete the challenges for the Prisoner skin. Here are all the challenges:

Free Challenges

- Place a mounted turret or ​damage trap in three matches

- Search seven chests at Lazy Links or Dusty Depot

- Eliminate three enemies with assault rifles

Battle Pass Challenges

- Deal 500 damage with scoped weapons

- Get a score of five or more at three shooting galleries

- Visit four expedition outposts in a single match

- Hit opponents three times with a Boogie Bomb or Chiller Grenade

Photo courtesy of Epic Games/thesquatingdog