Creator Code Fortnite List: How to Find Your Favorite Content Creator

d / Image by Veronika Rodriguez

Creator Code Fortnite list is an official list kept updated by Epic Games of Creator Codes fans can use to support their favorite Fortnite content creator. The codes will also grant players and exclusive Cuddle Hearts Wrap for free in Fortnite. 

Creator Code Fortnite List

The Creator Code list can be found on Epic Games' website. Players can easily search for their favorite content creator, like various streamers or other notable names in the community who provide content for fans, and find that specific creator's code. By using the code in-game, a portion of the sales will also go toward the content creator at no extra cost to the fan.

To enter the code, players must open up the Item Shop in Fortnite. They should see the "Support a Creator" option and then input the code there.

By successfully using a Creator Code in the Item Shop, fans will unlock the Cuddle Hearts Wrap for free in Fortnite. The promotion is available until Feb. 22.

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games