PUBG replay controls are anything but easy to understand. As powerful as it is, the replay system seems somewhat bent on opacity and difficulty of use. PUBG Corp has published a guide on how to use the replay editor, but knowing the controls in the replay itself is the first step to mastering the PUBG replay system. Check out all the shortcuts and hotkeys in the PUBG replay controls below.

PUBG Replay Controls

Mouse Wheel UpCamera Zoom In
Mouse Wheel DownCamera Zoom Out
EFree Cam Move Up
QFree Cam Move Down
Middle Mouse ButtonCam Zoom Reset
Left ShiftIncrease Camera Speed
Left CtrlDecrease Camera Speed
HToggle Player Tag
XToggle X-Ray
AToggle Smooth Free Cam
Ctrl+Num[1-0]Save Position in Slots [1-10]
Ctrl+[1-0]Save Player in Slots [1-10]
[1-0]Spectate Saved Player in slots [1-10]
VSpectator Cam
CFollow Cam
FFree Cam
TabPlayer List
]Increase Player Tag Visibility Range
[Decrease Player Tag Visibility Range
|Show Care Package
YThird Person Spectate
JToggle Timeline
PToggle Pause
BReturn to Recorded Player
UpIncrease Play Speed
DownDecrease Play Speed

​With these shortcuts and controls mastered, you can move on to the more advanced features in the ​PUBG replay editor. Check out ​this guide for help with planning camera movements, adding effects, and more.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp