Pop 10 gold balloons Fortnite was one of Season 7 Week 9's challenges, but it was partially lost amid the shuffle to grab the Prisoner skin as quickly as possible. Now in Week 10 players are looking to circle back and complete the previous week's challenges to maximize the value on their Battle Passes. Here's where to find 10 gold balloons in Fortnite.

Pop 10 Gold Balloons Fortnite: Where to Find Them

With far more than 10 golden balloons scattered around the map, players are spoiled for choice as to where they'd like to complete the challenge. Here are most of those locations, spelled out for easy finding:

1. Taking the road north out of Lazy Links, follow it west to the first compound between the Links and Junk Junction

2. In Haunted Hills

3. Directly east of The Block, near the edge of the map

4. On the west side of the Tomato Temple grounds

5. On the water, near where the east river meets Loot Lake

6. On top of the mountain between Retail Row and Tomato Temple

7. Southeast of the Lonely Lodge

8. On the north side of Tilted Towers

9. In the center of Dusty Divot

10. Just east of the Viking Village

11. Slightly north of Salty Springs

12. Southeast of Retail Row

13. North of Frosty Flights

14. In the middle north of Fatal Fields

15. Straight east of Paradise Palms

16. Northeast of the island at the bottom left of the map

17. Southwest of Lucky Landing, at the edge of the map

18. At the southern oasis on the edge between the desert and the frost

19. Along the road south of Paradise Palms

Photo courtesy of Epic Games