God Eater 3 Romance: Is There Romance in the Game?

asdf / Image by Noam Radcliffe

God Eater 3 romance is on every fan of the series' wish list. The hyper violent anime action RPG tasks players with taking down massive, nigh unkillable beasts using lots of high flying, hack and slash fighting techniques. But it also features lots of suggestively dressed female characters, splitting attention between the two and leading fans to speculate about potential romance options. Here's what we know about romance in God Eater 3.

God Eater 3 Romance: Is There Romance in the Game?

Despite all the suggestive clothing and camera angles, God Eater appears to have very little romance on the mind. Its story in general has been poorly received since its launch Feb. 7, and to many fans' collective chagrin, no romance features appear in the game.

Instead, players will have to content themselves with just slaying unholy beasts of unspeakable power throughout their anime quest.

Photo courtesy of Marvelous First Studio/Bandai Namco Entertainment