Rage 2 special edition contents are suitably over the top for a game drawing inspiration from the storied tradition of post-apocalyptic desert hells. The surreal maximalist desolation of Mad Max shines like chrome spray paint on the game, and that approach extends to its special edition. Here's what's included in the Rage 2 special edition.

Rage 2 Special Edition Content

The Rage 2 special edition, known officially as the collector's edition, begins with the core game itself. Its headlining inclusion, ​however, is the Ruckus the Crusher Talking Head. The mutant head mimics the classic singing fish wall decor. Buyers can mount it on their walls and listen to it talk and sing for hours on end as its motion detector continues to trigger.

The collector's edition also comes with an exclusive poster and a steelbook with art from the game.

Beyond the physical bonuses offered by the collectors edition, buyers will also receive the Rise of the Ghosts campaign expansion, the BFG from DOOM as an in-game weapon, an additional campaign mission, a Mutant Monster Truck skin, Wasteland Wizard cheat codes, a progress booster, Nicholas Raine armor and Settler Pistol, and a banner to hang from your in-game vehicle.

Rage 2 is set to release May 14.

Photo courtesy of Avalanche Studios/Bethesda