Kingdom Hearts 3 Gummi Ship Bosses

Kingdom Hearts 3 Gummi Ship bosses tend to lean toward the massive and damage sponging. There are three main bosses and a few mini bosses for players to complete. Check out all of them below, but beware: spoilers follow!

Kingdom Hearts 3 Gummi Ship Bosses

The first boss players should try to defeat in the Gummi Ship sections of Kingdom Hearts 3 is Schwartzgeist. While the challenge is intense, successful completion means receiving the Golden Highwind ship. Golden Highwind is the best ship in the game by far, making most of the challenges in the Gummi Ship areas trivial to complete.

For a guide on how to fight Schwartzgeist, head ​here.

After Schwartzgeist, players will need to defeat both the Colossus Pyramid and the Omega Machina. Omega Machina is likely the more difficult of the two, as it also means fighting four mini-bosses before facing off against the ship itself, but with Golden Highwind, none of them should be a problem.

Photo courtesy of Square Enix/Disney