Hollow Knight Silk Song Release Date Information: When Does Hollow Knight Silk Song Come Out?

Hollow Knight Silk Song release date is on the minds of many fans as the game was recently announced for Switch and PC. 

The game developed by Team Cherry is a sequel to the 2017-released Metroidvania platformer Hollow Knight in development for Switch, PC, Mac, and Linux. A release date was not announced.

Hollow Knight Silk Song release date

Fans of the platformer Hollow Knight will be excited to watch the announce trailer. 

"Hollow Knight: Silksong will be available, at launch, on Windows, Mac, Linux & Nintendo Switch,' developer team cherry wrote on its website. 'More platforms may happen! Just remember, we’re 3 people, already working rather hard, so we haven’t committed to anything else just yet. We don’t wanna collapse before we get this massive bug kingdom ready for you.

Nintendo Direct also saw other franchises coming to the Switch in 2019 and showcased their release dates.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will arrive on July 26. Same goes for Delta Rune, which is a spin-off of Undertale, where players take control of a human named Kris. It will officially be available to download from the store on Feb. 28 and will be free.

Photo courtesy of Hollow Knight Silk Song