How to Switch Characters in Jump Force

312321 / Image by Nathan Fusco

How to switch characters in Jump Force is an important concept for the game as you can swap in and out of characters throughout a match. 

Jump Force brings some of the most iconic characters in all of manga and anime in one place.

You can practice combos between your whole team which brings another level of strategy. 

How to Switch Characters in Jump Force

Switching characters in Jump Force is an important factor and can give you a leg up against your enemies. The game is coming out for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 so there are two buttons for the "Switch." It's L2 for the PlayStation and the LT for the Xbox. 

When you start the main mission, players will also have an opportunity to join a team: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

In order to join a team, players will have to head south toward the Command Center. They will then need to speak to Director Glover, who will ask players to choose a team to join. Players can easily locate his location on the map by bringing up the map and heading toward the red exclamation point.

Photo courtesy of NAMCO