Jennifer Hale, the voice actress for Overwatch hero Ashe, offered criticism Thursday of Twitter of Activision Blizzard for laying off hundreds employees.

On its earnings call Tuesday, the company -- owners of Blizzard, which created ​Overwatch, announced it would cut ​about 8 percent of its workforce, which is nearly 800 people. Acitivision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotickl came under scrutiny for saying on the call “once again achieved record results in 2018" amid the layoffs, which apparently didn't sit well with Hale.

"My hunch is it's the corporate decision makers at Activision who I suspect bear the responsibility for this ridiculous decision," Hale wrote.

The layoffs affected Activision publishing, Blizzard, King and some of Activision's studios, ​according to Kotaku. Most visibly, the layoffs appear to have affected esports, as people who worked on Season 1 of Overwatch League began posting to social media this week to say they were no longer with Blizzard.

​​Photo courtesy of Blizzard