Apex Legends Slow Walk Bug: How to Fix

Apex Legends slow walk bug has plagued players this week, as after being revived by a fellow teammate, they are stuck moving slowly as if they are still on the ground. Here is what we know about the bug so far and ways to go around it.

Apex Legends Slow Walk Bug: How to fix

​Reports from players say that after being revived, they can no longer run or sprint. Even after being revived after being knocked out again, the problem still persists.

The only way to counter this bug right now is to jump off the map or die normally so that your teammates collect your beacon and bring you to the respawn station. When you land, you should be able to move normally again. 

Despite Apex Legend's popularity, the game does have some annoying bugs. Some players are ​stuck on the loading screen, while other players on Xbox have experienced the game ​crashing on them. The good news is that Electronic Art's community managers are listening to players' complaints and are assuring that these problems will be patched as soon as possible.

​​Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts