Metro Exodus Night Vision Goggles: Where to Find Them

Metro Exodus night vision goggles are a necessity for players. Using a flashlight at all times is not optimal for players as it can be easily spotted in the night, so the goggles will be key to sneaking around unseen. Here is where players can find the Night Vision goggles.

Metro Exodus Night Vision Goggles: Where to Find Them

The first opportunity players can obtain Night Vision goggles in Metro Exodus early in the game is when they are going to get the passenger car in The Volga. There is a locked door that requires a specific key to unlock. That key is given to the player after freeing a prisoner from the bandit slave camp.

After freeing all the prisoners and killing the guards from the slave camp, a captive in one of the cells will hand over the key. Players will then be able to use the key on the door and obtain the goggles from the room.

Later in the game, players can get Night Vision goggles in The Taiga level. After the player's scout train crashes, players will be able to go toward a small hill toward the rotting house. If players head down to the basement, they will find a blue snake they have to kill. The Night Vision goggles will be found on the shelf next to the snake's body.

Cover photo courtesy of 4A Games