Metro Exodus Railcar: How to Get Out of It

Metro Exodus is a  notoriously difficult game. In fact, the game is so difficult that players have found it troublesome to get out of a railcar in the first major mission "Volga."

Metro Exodus Railcar

For most vehicles in the game, you just have to press and hold X on Xbox One, Square on Play Station 4, or E on PC to enter the vehicle. Therefore, you should press the same button to get out right? Nope. Instead, the railcar is a bit different. You have to double tap that same button instead of pressing and holding it to jump out of the railcar. The railcar has only one exit, so you could get stuck while exiting the vehicle if the entrance is blocked by some object, so just make sure the coast is clear before hopping out. Watch out for enemies and other objects along your journey and you will eventually complete the mission.

Metro Exodus was released on Feb. 15. The game's 4A engine provides for stunning gameplay, but at the cost of taking up considerable space on your computer, so make sure you have the right minimum specifications and enough hard drive space before downloading this game.

​​Photo courtesy of 4A Games and Deep Silver