How to Turn Super Saiyan Blue in Jump Force

d / Image by Veronika Rodriguez

How to turn Super Saiyan blue in Jump Force can be the deciding factor in a fight. Luckily, players have the ability to transform certain characters in Jump Force but there are a few conditions that need to be met first. Here is a guide to transforming characters in Jump Force. 

How to Turn Super Saiyan Blue in Jump Force

Not every character can transform in Jump Force, but some are able to and it can give players a huge advantage in games.  Here are all the characters that can transform in Jump Force.

- Goku

- Vegeta

- Frieza

- Trunks

- Roronoa Zoro

- Naruto Uzumaki

- Kakashi Hatake

- Pegasus Seiya

- Dragon Shiryu

- Ichigo Kurosaki

- Yusuke Urameshi

- Asta

- Dai

To make them transform, and make the Dragon Ball characters turn Super Saiyan, players will need to make sure their desired character's level bars are all maxed out. As soon as the energy bars are maxed out, players will then be able to trigger a transformation pop-up on their screen. It can be activated by pressing R3 on PlayStation or RB on Xbox. 

Cover photo courtesy of Bandai