Since its release, Rialto has attracted player complaints like a magnet. Its wide open first capture point often made it very difficult for players to move past it and on to the second point. Players felt the frustration of a full hold both in their own games and in matches they watched in Overwatch esports environments.

These struggles created the sense that the map was unfairly balanced in favor of defenders, frustrating fans. One such disgruntled player took their complaints to the Overwatch forums Saturday, stating their case for a map re-balancing. The player cited the low completion rate in Overwatch League and Contenders, calling the map poorly designed.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan saw the complaining post, and decided to answer with a quick dose of hard reality by citing win rates for the map.

"Rialto balance stats for the past month," he wrote. "49.35% Attackers, 50.65% Defenders"

In other words, the map is as close to perfect balance as can be expected in a competitive game. That's another hater down for papa Jeff.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard