Metro Exodus Taiga: How to Complete the Taiga Zone

​Metro Exodus Taiga is one of the annoying stealth missions that most trigger-happy players hate dealing with. Luckily, someone has already created a fantastic guide on how to traverse through the mission.

Players will be able to receive Metro Exodus Forest Child trophy or achievement depending on which system they are playing on.

Metro Exodus Taiga: How to Complete the Taiga Zone

The community has noticed that you can still grab the trophy or achievement even if a few NPCs say they "spot" you. As long as they don't actually engage with your character, you're fine. 

Metro Exodus continues to be a classic game that incorporates multiple real-life situations like cleaning your guns.

Metro Exodus was released on Feb. 15. The game's 4A engine provides for stunning gameplay, but at the cost of taking up considerable space on your computer, so make sure you have the right minimum specifications and enough hard drive space before downloading this game. 

Photo courtesy of Deep Silver